Mike Lull neck renovation
This bass has had a few owners and I clearly see why when it got here. The problem was that the truss rod did not work as expected but it worked at the beginning and end of the neck. This due to some strange routing radius for the rod itself. And it turned out that […]
New eco friendly and durable topcoat that looks and feels amazing!
NEW TOP COAT FINISH!I have always strived for the basses to feel as good as it looks. The top coats play the most important part in this. A matte (10% gloss) finish contains a particulate matter to obtain a surface that feels very unobtrusive and slick to the touch, very close to natural wood and […]
Luthiers blog | jan 2018
Welcome to the hopefully positive rants of a middle aged Luthier! Well, I’m quite positive really about the development I make and the higher quality consciousness around the world and in the same time we need to step up the effort in making things that lasts much longer.One thing that often strike me is the […]
Wal pro 1 e neck rebuild
This Wal was totally unplayable when I got it into my workshop, these ones got severe neck issues including a warped neck often associated with the graphite layering under the fretboard. So apart from levelling off the fretboard I had to do some dirty jobs with this one, vacuumcleaner with dust particle filter was totally […]
Fender Jazz -66 Neck rebuild
Sometimes when you get a bass in the workshop you instantly know it´s going to be… well not an easy job. This 1966 Jazzbass was a bass like that. The customer, a very nice local guy was not TOO impressed with the guitar workshop in Malmö who refretted the neck and suggested this would help. Well, […]