What to do when you´re in love with the bass but just wish it were different. In this case with a maple lined fretless ebony fretboard.. At Unicornbass this is everyday stuff.  We make your dreams real!

Now read on..


On the jig for routing off the fretboard. this way the neck isn´t exposed to extreme temperatures like when heating with an iron.


From the neck end…


Just small steps… letting the tensions in the neck go all by itself.


Getting very close now. Micro adjusting the jig for absolute tension release and correcting.


Here you´ll see that  the neck hasn´t been all that even.


The routing is also correcting a small twist at the head end. So it will be even straighter than before.


Ready for new fretboard after cleaning.


At truss adjustment end. It will have to look exacly the same after so careful attention to detail…


Using clamps for correct alignment.


Glued and waiting for the shaping of the fretboard ends.


The fretboard shaping takes a lot of time, careful attention and craftmanship. One slip…


Radiused at 16" if memory serves me right. I have my own very precise radiussing machine.


If you can´t spot the mod, I have succeeded.


Closer look..


It became a very nice and "singing" bass due to tension relief and a dense ebony board. Always nice to work with this customer as well!

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  1. Absolute,attention ,to detail.Never seen,a fredboard removed,one,micro slice,at a time.Makes perfect sense.Great work ,at Unicorn, as always.Cheers

    • Hi Norman! Thanks for the kind words! It’s always fun to do those kinds of works.