Your Unicornbass is special handbuilt with care. Please use a proper professional Luthier when servicing if needed*. I am here to support any queries you have. We often do setups and services on our instruments. As a Unicornbass owner, you have 10 % discount on all work done on your Unicornbass. So work is actually cheaper done by us due to the fact that we know the bass in and out. If you´re in doubt, give me a call, that´s why I´m here, to give you advice. +46(0)731-510788 or contact me.

Adjustment tips:

How to adjust neck relief:
Neck relief is the most common cure to strings rattling or if the bass feels awkward to play due to exessive forward bow (neck relief).

  • Left index finger pressing at the first fret, right pinkie pressing at  15th fret, tap the string on the area of the string over the 7 th fret. There should be a paper thin distance between the string and the 7th fret giving you just about the right relief.
  • Some players with much harder styles do want more relief but as a rule, if you have a millimeter in there, it´s too much, robbing the bass of the response and if it´s too close, IE no distance or even a backbow it´s gonna rattle all the time.
  • Our trussrods has clockwise (sv: medsols) adjustment for straightening the neck (counteracting the strings wish´ to bend the neck) and counter clockwise (sv: motsols) adjustment if the neck needs more bow "forward". When you adjust, be sure to not overdo it.  You should notice big change at 1/4 turn. Our trussrods are dual action if you ever should need to correct a backbow.

IMPORTANT NOTES: You find the adjustment nut at the end of the fretboard, most often it´s a 4 mm or 3,5 mm Hex key (2008 and forward) or a 1/8" (3,2mm), 2007 and backwards. These keys can be purchased through us if lost.


More info coming as soon as possible!

Fault checking

Symptom: No sound in active mode.

  1. Check battery. replace if necessary. Anything below 8.6 V needs replacing.
  2. remove electronics compartment lid and check for loose cables, especially around the volume control or the output jack.