Artist 5 Makore | in stock | SOLD!

A r t i s t"The Brown Makore bass" about...specificationspeople sayabout... This particular bass was conceived with the Makore in

Gibson LP total makeover

Gibson LP Makeover Coming from across the big pond, this bass was going to be something completely different! Something that

Luthiers blog | jan 2018

Luthiers blog jan 2018 The  most personal blog about the every day life of a Luthier on the Swedish riviera..

Wal pro 1 e neck rebuild

Wal pro 1 e These early Wal necks with graphite had a tendency to warp badly, this one warped terribly

M******** total neck recovery

Neck recovery A 12 month year old bass gets a new life with a new trussrod that actually work, reinforced

Fretless conversion

Fretless... Three Lighthouse basses in for service, setup and bridge placement and angle corrections. And one of them got a

Fender Precision ´68 resto-mod

Restomod Erik Lundahl contacted me about an old ´68 P-bass that is in a good condition but as often the

fretless ebony board conversion

Fretless ebony board conversion What do you do when you got an old friend in the closet unused because of

Wal fretboard modification

Modification What to do when you´re in love with the bass but just wish it were different. In this case

Pay as you go!

Pay as you go! A new system for financing your bass. Many customers think you need to pay up front,

Ozellman 5 maccassar F.L.

I can go on talking specs all day but the most important thing is how the customer, Jonny Trobro reacted

Fender Jazz -66 Neck rebuild

Fender Jazz -66 Neck rebuild Sometimes when you get a bass in the workshop you instantly know it´s going to

Ozellman Master custom L.H.

  A very special custom bass where the electronics are custom made (bass – mid w/ sweep – treble) for

Mark King´s Artist 3200 bass

  Nathan King, Me, Mark King, Gary Husband, Sean Freeman, Mike Lindup  A very big fan of Level 42! …And

Musicman Sabre -79 Refret

Refret is one of the most overlooked jobs that one must do when you cant dress the frets anymore (IE

Artist custom 5 quilt maple

This one is a very rare bass. It started as a project for a bassplayer but ended as another quite

Artist Customshop 5 Bubinga / wenge

This fantastic bass was built for Terje at Bassplayers proshop in Stockholm. It´s a 5 string Artist fretless in 34"

Fretboard change on a 70´s strat

Now what in the bleep is a strat doing on the website?! Well, we´re not only manufacturers but in between

Unicornbass on the telly with Sebastian Hankers! updated 2012-08-01

Sebastian Hankers, seasoned pro decided to upgrade his gear a while ago and the natural choice for him was Unicornbass.

Levander custom bass

In the beginning of my bassmaking career i was fortunate to get onboard the Unicorn-train my dear long time friend