Sebastian Hankers, seasoned pro decided to upgrade his gear a while ago and the natural choice for him was Unicornbass. After a very giving and fun day at the workshop we had a clear idea of the design on the bass! And a lot of espresso and a quick drive to Malmoe!

It´s a Artist Player+ 5 in Apricot orange with black race stripes. Not only this cool feature but the neck is a 22 fret 32" scale for maximum playing comfort and the special pickup placement from another bass i retrofitted with our quad pickups. Outlined with a 3-band EQ with sweep mid with the natural and precise response we´ve been associated with now for so long.


Bass was delivered this monday and we all had a blast! Of course the cameraman zoomed in on me singing in the audience… not my best forte.. anyway, the bass sounded great and by the look of Sebastians smile i think he liks the bass very much!å-liseberg/klipp/linda-bengtzing-sjunger-e-det-fel-pa-mig-2203724

Youtube video of the finish..