The result of ten years development and cooperation with bassplayers. Handmade by the best in business. Without coatings getting in the way between you and the perfect tone. With only the best materials and unsurpassed flexibility giving a full clear and accurate tone with great punch that lasts longer than most competitors. We don´t use anything else on our basses! There´s two different type of strings to choose from below:   Unicornbass Stainless steel FX-Core New fantastic stainless steel strings with a special formula Core/wrap. Flexible strings mean the bass comes into it´s own right. The bass isn´t better than the string you put on it. These strings truly represent the next leap in string making. We are very proud and exited about these strings! Long life due to the best materials available makes it a very good buy indeed!

Unicornbass – Hybrid nickel roundcore

The best materials available, good design… That´s simple. Then add flexible roundcore and a Nickel wrap made by the best craftsmen in the business. Then you don´t need any coatings to make the string last. All the frequencies are there with a musical balance and a dynamic presence that makes the string so popular amongst our customers! B, C and F strings sold separately at the webshop!