Thanks to the knowledge of the most intricate anatomy of both basses and guitars through decades of experience of both manufacturing / design and repairs I can offer anything from a fretdress or setup up to a complete overhaul / restomod of your instrument and thanks to a complete fitted workshop no job is too small or big for me. I work with customers from all over the world so no matter if you live in LA, Rome, London, Copenhagen (just 50 km from us btw) or even Sweden I take on my clients instruments as if it were my own instrument.

  • Fretdress  (includes nut inspection and adjustment and checking and rectifying setup and intonation)
  • Refrets  (includes levelling and smooth sanding of the fretboard, glueing in the new frets, slight fret dressing, nut setup, action setup and intonation)
  • Setups  (checking and where applicable, adjusting action, nut and intonation)
  • Refinishes on hour rate.
  • Electronics work
  • Modifications
  • Fretboard Replacement including fretting, setup and new saddle.
  • Fretboard Replacement including fretting, setup and new saddle, new truss rod and reinforcements (common Fender job)
  • Restomods. Your fantasy, my job. Your very first bass upgraded to a real monster perhaps?

And many more works. Contact me today for a quote

pics from the workshop

Work examples

Gibson LP total makeover

Gibson LP Makeover Coming from across the big pond, this bass was going to be something completely different! Something that

Wal pro 1 e neck rebuild

Wal pro 1 e These early Wal necks with graphite had a tendency to warp badly, this one warped terribly

M******** total neck recovery

Neck recovery A 12 month year old bass gets a new life with a new trussrod that actually work, reinforced

Fretless conversion

Fretless... Three Lighthouse basses in for service, setup and bridge placement and angle corrections. And one of them got a

Fender Precision ´68 resto-mod

Restomod Erik Lundahl contacted me about an old ´68 P-bass that is in a good condition but as often the

fretless ebony board conversion

Fretless ebony board conversion What do you do when you got an old friend in the closet unused because of