P8260003-2 In the beginning of my bassmaking career i was fortunate to get onboard the Unicorn-train my dear long time friend Andreas Levander whos is an awesome bassplayer, often not just playing the obvious stuff but expands the bassplaying to another level, with a dose of power, punch, surprise, a bit of humour and clever basslines. He has played with lots of top Artists such as Christian Walz, a perfectionist and one of the most talented songwriters ever. I had the pleasure to meet up with Andreas and the band of Christian Walz in Gothenburg, one of my fave citys in Sweden for the delivery. Here´s some fond memories below and a couple of youtube clips (sorry for bad quality) where it shows the bass´inherent sonic punch and cut through mix qualities. Not a humble mumbling bass. Check him out live or on any number of countless records!