Fretless ebony board conversion

What do you do when you got an old friend in the closet unused because of a warped neck and bad trussrod? Leave it to me and you will get it back way better than new!


Old late 70´s Ibanez MC924 on it´s way to former glory! You know, this was one of the basses I coveted as a youngster growing up..


As you can see, even after frets are removed the neck is quite twisted and in a bad state..


In the router jig it´s quite obvious that  the neck even from the start was a bit off. Routing off the fretboard is way better for the end result over heating the old fretboard off. In this instance it would be as bad as before, no real progress.


just 0,5 mm before all of the fretboard is routed off I rout a channel where the trussrod was located for reinforcement with in this case a hard maple.


Some well known example are hard cider from apples, perry from pears, pomegranate wine, and elderberry wine.


After some work by hand to make the trussrod fit snugly in the slot it´s on with the new fretboard and trim the edges. Sound like an hours job but in reality its more like a days job if it´s going to look and feel professional.

When I take on these jobs I´m not interested in just "doing my job", I want to make it as good as it can ever get. As you can see on the top image, the action on the renovated neck is ridicolously low and detailing is superb. Sebastian Nordström, a pro bass player based in Malmö is very happy as can be seen in the picture on the left.