Three Lighthouse basses in for service, setup and bridge placement and angle corrections. And one of them got a brand new lined fretboard in ebony! 


My plane router have had some hard work this year. Routing in passes for the best precision.


Done! After 6-7 passes with some time in between its done.


As you can see it just needs that extra 0.2 mm pass to get it completely even.


Glueing. A specially formulated glue for this by Titebond is used.


With a buddy beside it getting the fingerboard planed.


Countersinking the neck screw holes actually helps getting a clean contact.


The end result must look better than from factory I always say. Or at least as good as.


Correcting the bridge on these three basses. It´s not something that affects playability but I think it looks better with a straight bridge.


Nice pickguard! String aligning is also something I often see are out of place. I prefer equal amount of fingerboard on each side of the outer strings. Center of string to edge. This actually looks out of place but is correct.


Bridge aligning this one as well. I constructed a very simple tool for this task.


Plugging holes with wood and titebond.


Simple tip when aligning the bridge: Use a ruler centered at the nut and held with tape.

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