Now what in the bleep is a strat doing on the website?! Well, we´re not only manufacturers but in between glueing and spraycoats we take on these repairjobs as well. This time its a badly repaired strat thats been in the hands of a bad repairman, i won´t call him/her a Luthier, that would be a shame to the profession. I got a call from a customer in malmö wether i could take on this disaster. I said yes, this guitar deserves a better life! The customers reaction to the work done (Swedish):
Sanslöst snyggt, Mästare 🙂 Den blev snyggare än den var när den lämnade Fullerton 1977 🙂 Hej, ville bara säga hur fantastisk den nya greppbrädan känns att spela på. Ingen av de fabrikstillverkade jag provat kommer upp i den klassen!