Focus and intention...

First of all: A big thanks for a fantastic 2015! I havent recalled ever having so much orders for basses! Thanks to you! 😀

It´s a testament for the pursuit of passion and perfection that I strive for. Perfection however is a strange word. Perfection is actually never achieved, it only means you don´t have precise enough methods to measure it, lol! Jokes aside, I thought I would actually get somewhat personal in this blog for once. Having many orders in itself is not the goal, instead making each bass a personal one with surpassing the expectations of each individual customer is what I strive for really. That means the materials, craftmanship and engineering has to be top notch. I think I am strange in that way. If lets say 6/10 is sufficient I always want 9,9/10 to make sure it surpasses everything I strive for. This goes with methodology and zero tolerance in Jigs, trussrod strength, longevity and also, tolerance. The detailed work a serious Luthier has to do to achieve that sometimes goes borderline ludicrous. Comparing to guitar factorys where the biggest goal is margin profit is a big leap. I´m not saying it´s wrong but different.

That is where I sometimes also have to say stop this **** and reevaluate. This autumn saw the birth of what will in weeks time will be our new Active and passive absolutely incredible series of bass amp system. Splitting time between that and luthiery Isn´t working at all, I have a big back log of work, not good at all (working hard at this moment to catch up!!) so I am taking in more hands, in this case a very experienced and credited man in high end audio to make the cabs and final assembly to take care of that end so I can focus on the basses full time starting in a weeks time, as Megan Traynor sang: "It´s all about the bass"!!

This will be a good step to making sure that 100% of my focus goes to bass luthiery and now and then with help from you, my customers and followers conceptualise new ideas for amplification. I think bass amps need to make big steps from the usual cheapo boxes we so often see. I´ve been at this so many times I begin to feel like an old grumpy fart so not this time, focus on the good things I can provide to you bassplayers instead! And there are things coming, Mark Gooday is making good stuff with his B-social and other smart stuff, Kudos, Mark! The most exiting stuff is from independent small-medium size companies like Ashdown and IF I dare, Unicornbass & many other small entrepreneurs.

Another idea that is coming to the website is players pages, as you may know, I do not give away basses but I can however give something back and since it´s a well visited site the players that would like to showcase his (unicorn) bass and views together with sound/videoclips of his playing and links to bandsite etc can have his own page right on the site!! First players coming up in a week or two!

This is where I would like a chat below with you, yes YOU! Please comment below and feel free! 🙂 Just to say hello even!

Christian Olsson

Bass fanatic, fan of Italy and everything tennis! Spends countless hours working on design of the tiniest details and have a problem letting mistakes slide out of the door, have way better forehand than backhand, loves Pasta pommodoro and Völkl tennis racquets! Both new and vintage ones! If there were a place i´d rather be right now instead of snowy Sweden it´d be on a cafe in piazza navona, Rome a sunny afternoon with a fantastic espresso and a good friend, or in worst case scenario, a book in my hand. I need to practice on serves and overhead volleys! I want to play more tennis and spend more time in the workshop and less with pointless bureucratics. I got a fantastic girlfriend and 7 wonderful lovely cats living in an old house in the countryside. And hope I can get to Italy soon as well. Train of thoughts is always exiting with me. There is no coherence at all! Oh, and… never mind..

  1. Very good to read your first blog, Christian! I think the “Players Pages” are a great idea. I’d love to host audio or video here with the Unicorn. 🙂

    • Thanks Zach! And you´re very welcome to have your own page here! I appreciate it very much! PS You´ve seen your bass how it progress now? 😀

  2. Really looking forward to the player pages, hearing what people do with their Unicorn basses. 🙂

    • Thanks Oskar! Looking forward to your soundbits as well! 🙂