Erik Lundahl contacted me about an old ´68 P-bass that is in a good condition but as often the neck was a mess… read on about the journey to a straight and playable neck with a new fingerboard.


We´re looking at the neck and old trussrod after it came off the plane router.


One of the major problems with Fender necks is that the channel isn´t routed in a even radius, affecting mostly around 4th and 14th fret. Hence the "s" syndrome on these Fenders.


multiple strips glued in for stability of the channel.


Routing a 12mm channel for the reinforcement wooden rod and trussrod channel.


with the wooden rod. Pre glueing.


After the wood has been installed and after a week of drying and settling in. Everything is routed clean and levelled to perfection.


Truss rod channel routed. As you see, the routed channel isn´t centered. That´s because the old Fender-factory routed channel was off by a couple of mm.


This is where the real skills comes in. Scraping the fretboard flush to the neck. The slightest mistake and you can feel it.


I do this on nearly all Fenders that comes in for a renovation. In my plane router jig I level the pocket at a slight angle so you don´t have to shim the neck pocket. The resulting stablity and tone is unbelievable.


Attention to detail. Always.. Since the customer wanted the old feel of the neck there was no finishing, just a wash coat wipe.


Finished! The bass really transformed to a tone monster after the restomod. And now with a superstraight neck with the possibility for a super low action.


Erik Lundahl works as a full time Bassplayer / producer / teacher. Links to his work is coming soon. Very nice and super-talented guy!

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