Big Modification

Jan Hellman, studio owner and pro bass player, is a good friend of mine that I always looking forward to meet for some great stories about travels, food, the good life. And lots of bass talk of course! This bass he left with me to remake was in the beginning not the ultimate build from the start to put it mildly. Neck pocket all wrong leaving the bridge useless, it felt plainly wrong. But some magic here at my workshop put things right.. 


"Transform it into something cool and put your personal logo on it!" That was the brief and since it was a cool colour and a nice friend that ordered the job, no problem at all with that! 🙂


First issue with the bass: No shielding at all whatsoever. Not a good one when you got a single coil pickup with no internal shield. So it had to get some shielding in there…


Neck pocket was the second issue, I do these jobs all the time and that is due to two important things: Level the neck pocket and put the right angle for the individual neck that´s going to be on there. Difference in tone is quite staggering. And since it´s a sub €120 job I don´t get why everyone who owns a Fender or a clone doesn´t call me at this moment and book a time for this. Required mod!


Allparts neck. Most often they are good for the low price they are. This was a good one. No probs.


Never over do acid! 😉 The screws all had to be replaced due to them falling apart.


Broken off screws are easy to rescue for me. The tools necessary are kept within a arm length distance in my workshop. Another relatively easy job. maybe €40 or so.


A more serious note. This bass´headstock had a crack between tuners and that may be induced by someone installing the bushings with too much blunt force.


The back of the headstock. The crack was fixed with a specially formulated glue for this job. It will be strong! 🙂


The original Schatz logo coming off with a knife blade easily.


Now cleaning up for placing my signature logo.


On resto mods and big mods I always put my signature on there marking that it´s Unicornized. 🙂


1 mm aluminium to go on my Unicornbass QUAD pickups. To give that worn metal look.


Pickups done and Body prepped for routing for pickups.


Customizing basses with my pickups and preamps are common jobs. Everything from Gibson and Fenders up to €10000 custom basses get them.


Drilling out the broken off screws…


Some screw holes had to be realigned also.


Neck pocket routed at an 0.75° angle to accomodate the neck properly. He couldn´t adjust the bridge enough as it was. Amazing tone after the mod..


Passive electronics in place. Vol/tone stacked, the two quad switches and then a passive tone. With my QUAD pickups this bass sounds great! Big and bold with tremendous bottom end!


String it up, adjusting the neck, saddle and bridge. Now it plays like it should!


It´s fun to breathe new life into basses! The nickel plated knobs were treated to match the alu look of the pickups!

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