A r t i s t

Art & Craftmanship

The Artist bass is the original Unicornbass. It has those elements of a bass that is so easly played of course but it doesnt stop there. The response and dynamics, range of tones is very broad. It puts out what you give into it. Best khaya center bookmatched body with nice complimenting tops all resomatched for that zoned in response, not too heavy and not too light. No wonder fantastic Players like Sebastian Hankers have taken the bass to their hearts. It sits in between classic sounds and modern ones. All at the tip of your fingers…

Bass itself is built with Maple/ purpleheart laminated for strength and response. It won´t warp or bend in any funny ways due to the way it is laminated. Sound of wood but the response is far beyond that. Balanced in weight and resonance for each players preference, so is the custom Unicorn pickups and preamp. Now you know that each bass is tailored you can dream up the sound you always wanted…

Specifications: (standard)

  • 4-string: 40mm @ 0-fret. 19 mm spacing
  • 5-string: 45mm @ 0-fret. 18 mm spacing
  • 6-string: 50mm @ 0-fret. 17 mm spacing
  • 34″ scale (32″ option)
  • max body width 350 mm
  • 40 mm thick mahogany body with bookmatched selected top.
  • maple with purpleheart reinforcement neck. 7-ply
  • Ebony fretboard. 16″ radius. 23 frets.
  • Hipshot Ultralite tuners.
  • ETS bridge with separate string anchors.

“Det är idag ca 5 år sedan jag fick min Unicorn och jag får forfarande wow-upplevelser med jämna mellanrum. Basen är så fantastiskt responsorisk och mångfacetterad. Jag har jobbat som basist i ca 25 år och har givetvis spelat på en uppsjö av basar i alla olika prisklasser men Unicornbass är i en klass för sig själv gällande ljud, hantverk, utseende och framförallt spelbarhet.
Som improvisationsmusiker vill man ha så lite hinder som möjligt mellan idé och utförande. Med en skräddarsydd Unicornbass i händerna är alla hinder undanröjda. Det är bara att gå dit musiken tar dig.” – Sebastian Hankers


“This bass has it all! Infinite Sound Possibilities before you even begin to adjust the EQ! Responds incredibly well to playing style and dynamics ! The look is bold, yet sophisticated. According to me , it fits any context, using it for everything from folk to metal ! Easy to play ? You bet ! ” – Fredrik Bergqvist, Sole Syndicate


I love my Unicornbass. Christian is a master luthier. Tack! – Zachary Beard


There´s no better place in the world to buy your next bass. Or get a nice cup of coffee – Adam Ander


If the best isn’t good enough then a bass built by master luthier Christian Olsson should satisfy your needs. The incredible know how when it comes to combine woods to reach your dream tone and the attention to the smallest detail is just a small part of what UNICORNbass stands for. – Jonny Trobro