The new Sovereign series bass…

is a bass where I spend lots of hours of hours perfecting every line, every stage of craftmanship to an even higher level. It´s all about the fantastic resonant, very even tone all over the fretboard and very nice touches like the wooden pickup covers and the finish wich i spend two weeks and many thin layers of the best polyurethane to get that mirror shine in every detail to top it up. It´s the bass i wanted for myself really. Not just a really fantastic player, this one tops it up with the looks as well. Our top of the range bass. Now there´s only TWO existing basses so far, my own Sovereign bass and Lars Hallbäcks bass. If you persuade him with the right amount of money he might even hand it over to you to. In that case you have one of two exeptionally good basses but other woods and options can be had on these Sovereigns as well…   DSC_0098  

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PS: New better images coming soon.
Scale 32” scale. 34” as option
Neck Maple/purpleheart 7-ply bookmatched supreme quality.
fretboard 24 fret west african ebony master grade + quality
Body One of a kind Selected mahogany bookmatched and bookmatched top and back with contrast veneer. All Quartersawn.
Bridge ETS solid brass 2-piece
Tuners Gotoh GB7
Pickups Unicornbass QUAD custom pickups with pickup switching for each p/u in exotic wooden covers.
Preamp Active Master 4- band. Vol | Bal | Treble | Bass | lo mid | hi mid | active/passive switching, Quad switch x2
Finish High gloss natural supreme gloss mirror finish.
Price from 59.000 SEK
Options: 4/5/6 strings | Different bookmatched tops, Lefthanded and fretless at no extra cost | LED´s price on request | Rosewood fretboard | Maple fretboard | Black, chrome or gold hardware  | And many more options…