This one is a very rare bass. It started as a project for a bassplayer but ended as another quite different bass for another bassplayer. Originally it had a routed in ramp in ebony wich the new owner wanted to get rid of. That along with wanting something that breaks the bodyline not much different as we do on nearly all bodies. So a single contraradius cut was done. The ramp was binned and the hole filled in with similar woods done so discretely so that even experienced luthiers had trouble spotting the job. New routings for the new QUADs as well as a few extra controls were added. 90% of the time i manufacture the basses. This was great fun modding the bass for the new proud customer! P9190040
Scale 32” scale.
Neck Maple/purpleheart 5-ply bookmatched. 43 mm wide @ nut
fretboard 26 fret west african ebony master grade. 20" radius.
Body One of a kind Selected mahogany bookmatched with Quilt maple top.
Bridge ETS solid brass 2-piece  16 mm spacing
Tuners Gotoh GB7
Pickups Unicornbass QUAD custom pickups.
Preamp Active Master 2- band. Vol | Bal | Treble | Bass  |  active/passive switching, Quad switch x2
Finish High gloss acrylic