At the moment I am creating "Luthiers private stock" basses that consists of models under the Artist, Ozellman and Purist labels built unique and with the ideas I have at that particular moment, also build blog of each bass that´s ending up in that page.

Custom Shop will be a completely another thing with crazy options and closely speced to your dreams. The good thing is that the Private stock basses won´t cost as much as the custom shop ones purely because I can build them in batch of four.

Master series is a new level within Artist and Ozellman that will soon be featured on the site that still has 4A Quilt maple tops and brutal specs but start at €4600. Every bit as fantastic craftsmanship and excellence as the Custom ones. In the meantime I will be working on final specs and Graphic material to put up on the website so stay tuned and subscribe to the nesletter down below so you don´t miss the good stuff!Christian Olsson   |   Luthier   |   Unicornbass

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Artist 5 Makore

A r t i s t"The Brown Makore bass" about...specificationspeople sayabout... This particular bass was conceived with the Makore in

Gibson LP total makeover

Gibson LP Makeover Coming from across the big pond, this bass was going to be something completely different! Something that

Luthiers blog | jan 2018

Luthiers blog jan 2018 The  most personal blog about the every day life of a Luthier on the Swedish riviera..

Wal pro 1 e neck rebuild

Wal pro 1 e These early Wal necks with graphite had a tendency to warp badly, this one warped terribly

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Ronny Steadfast Johansson
Ozellman figured walnut custom 6

Zachary Beard
Unicornbass ozellman maccassar 5

Fredrik Bergqvist – Sole Syndicate
Unicornbass artist ltd edition 5 string

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