• WORK

Thanks to the knowledge of the most intricate anatomy of both basses and guitars through decades of experience of both manufacturing / design and repairs I can offer anything from a fretdress or setup up to a complete overhaul / restomod of your instrument and thanks to a complete fitted workshop no job is too small or big for me.

I work with customers from all over the world so no matter if you live in LA, Rome, London, Copenhagen (just 50 km from us btw) or even Sweden I take on my clients instruments as if it were my own instrument.

  • Fretdress (includes nut inspection and adjustment and checking and rectifying setup and intonation)
  • Refrets (includes levelling and smooth sanding of the fretboard, glueing in the new frets, slight fret dressing, nut setup, action setup and intonation)
  • Setups (checking and where applicable, adjusting action, nut and intonation)
  • Refinishes on hour rate.
  • Electronics work
  • Modifications
  • Fretboard Replacement including fretting, setup and new saddle.
  • Fretboard Replacement including fretting, setup and new saddle, new truss rod and reinforcements (common Fender job)
  • Restomods. Your fantasy, my job. Your very first bass upgraded to a real player monster perhaps?

And many more works. Contact me today for a quote