Unicornbass nickel hexcore

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These strings are the pinnacle of 20 years RnD and gives you a full range open dynamic sounding string bringing every nuance out of your instrument. Made for us by Newtone strings UK by hand to our exact specification.

The Nickel variant gives a very wide range even response from smooth lows to glimmering highs and nice even midrange. Well suitable for Jazz, funk, gospel, everywhere that you need a nice slick bass sound. 

940 mm (37”) full winding covers most 32” up to 35” scale basses. measure from ball end point to nut on your bass to see if the strings fits.

Enjoy the strings and thanks for the  support!

PS Choose an extra B, C and F string for 5- 6 or 7 string set. They are sold separately on this page so you can choose what setup you want. please contact me if you want support helping you find the best string for you.

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