Artist Master 5 CS “The Brown Makore bass”

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This particular bass was conceived with the Makore in mind. It influenses the wood in a particular way not unlike Maccassar ebony but in a warmer way, punch, growl, sweet highs and it sings!

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Very fast neck of maple and purpleheart, the maple is a special batch of figured ones but without the usual weakness of those heavily flamed ones. The neck is so strong that the trussrod is just slightly tightened, that gives decades and decades of use no matter string gauge you put on the bass. The bass is hollow and is therefore much lighter than one might think with dense woods. What that brings to the table is definition and resonance throughout the instrument. Topped up with custom wound pickups, a 3 band EQ with mid sweep and our usual QUAD switching system to obtain every possible type of sound from the bass itself. The second Private stock bass this year apart from the usual custom ordered ones. The last one was sold even before i put it on the website. Which is fun and a testament to these basses attraction. These are built with carte blance specs, just an idea at the start and I love building them!

Now for an excellent price short period only!


  • 5-string: 45mm @ 0-fret. 18 mm spacing
  • 32″ scale
  • max body width 350 mm
  • 40 mm thick mahogany body with bookmatched Makore top and bookmatched mahogany back with matching compartment lids.
  • maple with¬†purpleheart reinforcement neck. 7-ply
  • West african Ebony fretboard. 16″ radius. 24 frets.
  • Hipshot Ultralite tuners.
  • ETS bridge with separate string anchors.
  • 3-band EQ specially designed for the bass.

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