The all “new” bass, the Purist, has been a three year work in progress combining the lightness, resonance and growl from those classic 60´s basses but with more definition and better bottom en but still that “analogue” sweetness.

If you have searched for the right custom made bass but often have striked out because of that often “stiff” feel and sound, this bass is THE ONE you must check out! The neck has that classic feel, not too thin, 40 mm wide at nut and not too slim but still a fast feel. Really simple controls on the single pickup model: stacked vol/tone and a three way switch for the QUAD pickup. No battery, no preamp, just high end passive electronics giving you THAT sound and feel you have been looking for…

Much development made with the right density and stiffness of the Khaya body with chambered compartments, and to the right thickness of the bookmatched mahogany top to get that perfect balance between clarity and definition against that soft plush core sounds. Making sure your sound gets in the mix in that magical way but never get mushy in the bottom end department.. Better images and soundclips coming soon!

  • 4-string: 40mm @ 0-fret. 19 mm spacing
  • 5-string: 45mm @ 0-fret. 19 mm spacing
  • 6-string: 50mm @ 0-fret. 18 mm spacing
  • 34″ scale
  • 16″ radius fingerboard
  • 40 mm thick mahogany body with routed chambers, Reso matching. Light, resonant body.
  • NECK: Bookmatched maple with center purpleheart reinforcement.
  • maccassar ebony fretboard. 16″ radius. 22 frets.
  • Hipshot Ultralite tuners. Nickel finish.
  • ETS liteweight bridge, polished alu finish.
  • Volume / passive tone / 3-way switchable QUAD pickup.


  • 4 /5 / 6 string options.
  • Split coil pickups (P-style tone) in ebony casing.
  • Fretless no extra cost.
  • Lefthand no extra cost.
  • Fretless no extra cost.
  • custom colours.


I love my Unicornbass. Christian is a master luthier. Tack! – Zachary Beard


There´s no better place in the world to buy your next bass. Or get a nice cup of coffee – Adam Ander