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I have been obsessed with improving bassounds ever since i started playing the Bass in the late 70´s and ever since i took my vintage fretless Ibanez to the woodshop at school to plane the fretboard properly at the age of 13 it´s been a straight path…

Jump forward to 2003…

I made a career change out because of my passion for bass and since I have been thru and owning nearly all €3000+ basses by then i knew that it was now or never. With the vast knowledge i had gained from restoring/upgrading basses for 15 years plus i knew it was time to start something unique. Something not out there.


First of all the neck is bookmatched with several Purpleheart laminates, Purpleheart is a very hard, dense and stable wood wich i secured a room full of for the rest of my life so only the best bits there. The Maple is carefully dried in a low humidity storage before it´s cut down in size several times over several months before its planed and then sawed in two bits that form the bookmatching of the outer portions of the bookmatched and quartersawn neck. So our necks are so stable and strong that only one trussrod is needed up to 6 string basses. Just a slight tweak is needed to achieve the perfect 0,05 mm relief of the neck.

Then a master grade fretboard is used with a surface that is planed to perfection giving you the possibility for a ridiculously low action. The Necks is also a big part of the Unique punchy clear sound of a Unicornbass either with a high precision unique set neck technique or a new type of M6 bolt on system wich transfers every bit of nuance of your playing.


The materials are stored for a long time before machining and they are also bookmatched and carefully selected for the best stabaility and tone available. Dynamics and fantastic tone palette is achieved by carefully designing by weight and resonant frequencies for each customer. It really is wodd selection down to a tee.

Each slab of wood is weighed and numbered for density and taptone. Also, the tone of the bass is not only due to good timber but also careful selection of body mass, composition, thickness of each layer wood, the amount of glue, the type of glue used, thickness of the finish, hardness of the finish.


I use a special designed preamp that is voiced very musically and tuned for our basses and with passive mode matched output so I can use a single 9 v battery and the hardest pluck with full boost os still clean and punchy. Add to that the possibility of both passive and active modes with a passive tone added. Great battery life of 800 hrs plus makes battery changes almost forgettable..

Our QUAD pickups deliver a broad range through different coils switchable to achieve the sound you´re looking for in each moment. Clear, punchy, warm and never sterile. 9 different sounds can be achieved before even using the pan control giving you 9 basses in one… In many peoples opinions the best pickups available on earth.