The original Artist bass. Since 2005

Artist bass is the best of Luthiery. 4 and 5A tops, only the best quartersawn mahogany bodies giving a very precise feel to the sound complimenting both solo and laidback groove styles.. finished either with coloured tints or natural matte or hi gloss finishes..
Multi laminated maple/purpleheart bookmatched and quartersawn necks giving unequalled strength and stability for the strings to perform at its best from thunderous drop A B-strings to the crystal clear C and F strings with clarity and dynamics with a choice of ebony, macassar ebony or maple fingerboard.
This bass is second to none. The best thing… It is tailored to suit your needs from the ground up. Literally. Because if you go to the options  list on these basses it is just a short list on what can be done.