TEN / TWELVE series

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Probably the most brutal speaker I’ve heard. Extreme bottom and punch, probably have not tried a box that is so punchy in the lower register.

I felt that all frequencies and all the notes "pushed out" at the same time, very direct.

No matter where I was standing in the room the punch or bottom end did not disappear at all.

It could basically crank up what seems like forever with no distortion.

Louder and have more bottom end than any 4×10" I’ve ever tested, and with bottom end close to my 8×10".

New Gen amps and speakers. It´s hard to explain how far ahead the technology is compared to "off the shelf" cabs. Extreme X-max (cone excursion before distorting), high sensitivity and huge powerhandling charachteristics with true High Definition. Every nuance comes through with a power delivery that you would think was only available with at least double size systems. So how have we done it? People who have listened to our prototype 2×10" + 4×4" speaker have after they have come to their senses asked this very question. How can this tiny box play up to as loud as a 6×10"? Well.. until now basspeaker design has utilized cheap production speakers even on "brand" names. Simply put. You get what you pay for. No matter how much advertising money you throw at it. So what we´ve done is spending between 5-10 times more money on materials with a build quality to match.

Now it´s up to you to try it out…

  • Horisontal full range dispersion design – Superior horizontal dispersion on stage. you can hear every nuance even off-axis. *Up to 15dB better response off axis in the critical 1.5-2.5 kHz than your usual 4×10" speaker with horn tweeter.
  • Unique 4" speakers taking care of 1kHz – 18 kHz giving a very natural mid and treble response unlike the traditional harsh horn.
  • Extreme powerhandling – up to four times the powerhandling than most systems compared to most 10" or12"" individual speakers. Real powerhandling, not the thermal rating.
  • Etreme X-max – These things move air like nothing else. Up to three times the length of cone movement (Xmax). It feels like a much bigger cabinet for its size.
  • Very good sonic characteristics – You´ll hear every nuance with every range intact. Musical sounding.
  • Good sensitivity – You don´t need a 1000W amp with our cabs. Even with a 300w amp this thing moves some serious air.
  • Very good thermal handling – Unlike other cheaper systems, you don´t get power compression with these speakers in the same way at all. You know the old "have to crank up the gear after 30 minutes of gig because you cvan´t hear yourself" ? That´s not your hearing, that´s power compression due to heat. And giving the speakers more power isn´t very helpful either…

*45° off axis listening position. Most common angle if you have your cab on the floor and you´re standing up 1-1,5 metres from the cab.

With built in Unicornbass 1600w poweramp in 2x800w configuration.

  • weight 2 kg
  • 2x800w in 4 ohms per channel
  • 1000+ damping factor (incredibly tight cone control)
  • High end audio design and components.
  • 90v-250v power required (automatically selected internally)
  • clip indicator
  • failsafe operation

New pricelist coming!